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Bobbi Bailin:

Carolina Botti:

Central Scotland Circle Dance:

–        choreographed:

–        traditional:

The Centrepiece Sessions:

Chrisandra Harris:

Cindy Kelly and Adrian Pointon:

Connecting For Peace:

Danzas Circulares Chile:

Danzas Circulares Sagrades:

Hazel Young:

Hobart Multicultural Dance Group:

Jen Larner:

Jos Galdermans:

Kevin Meyer:

Lesley Laslett:

Lilly Sell:

Neskaya Movement Arts Center:

Peter Vallance:

Paul Boizot:

Phil Smith:

Rosemary Gledhill:

Sonia Lima:

Stefan Freedman, DanceWise:

Tatiana Gorenstein:


Yvonne Shapiro: